Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Why Not Read the Docs for Yourself?

We here at FriendsOfULC.org have been blogging and posting on the nifty platform provided by Google (www.Blogger.com) in order to keep our readers aware of the ongoing developments in the effort of the directors of the Minnesota South District to sell the campus ministry property which is used by University Lutheran Chapel.  We've been sharing the parts of what documents we can here, and we hope to share more as soon as we can.

In the last few days the president and staff of the Minnesota South District have sent a mailing to the convention delegates about the ongoing litigation with University Lutheran Chapel in which they quote the judge writing that ULC has little or no chance of success in their suit.  We don't like to speculate too much on what courts do (or not do), largely because conditions (and their rulings) can change.  So we leave it up to you the read the docs for yourself.  Here is the complete order vacating the courts earlier Temporary Restraining Order (TRO):


The Minnesota South District has quoted from a section which favors their case, which is fair enough.  But apparently they have not quoted the following from page 6:

Although the Court recognizes that the South District has taken steps to reduce ULC's potential harms, the Court finds that the irreparable harm ULC would face weigh in favor of granting an injunction over the monetary harms that the South District faces.

This may be why in the week following the order above the judge required ULC and the Minnesota South District to go to negotiation by August, and why ULC is still in the building at 1101 University Avenue.  That can change, however, and we don't know what the court will ultimately do.

The judge's lifting ("vacation") of the Temporary Restraining Order does not dismiss ULC's case.  ULC's complaint from April 26th is here:


The judge has not dismissed the complaint, only the restraining order that stopped the eviction of ULC initiated by the Minnesota South District.  So unless the judge dismisses the case, it will be heard.

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