Thursday, June 14, 2012

Here's One Memorial to Correct Past Mistakes

We've been asked if there is some way for the convention to fix what has happened to the Minnesota South District's governing documents.  Quite frankly, we don't see how one convention can do this.  But we do think the next two or three conventions could do this given enough time, information, and study.

We also think that the only way to resolve the attempted sale of University Lutheran Chapel at the 2012 convention meeting now would be for the convention to answer two questions:

1. Does the convention approve of what the directors have done in attempting to sell University Lutheran Chapel?

2. Does the convention wish to make that decision itself?

All the other memorials and resolutions concerning campus ministry are pointless and deceptive without the convention answering those two questions.

The following memorial is an attempt to do all of the above, and do it in an informed and deliberate way.  If someone can get this to the floor (a very daunting task indeed), feel free to do so:

WHEREAS God has blessed the work of our district's campus ministry at the
University of Minnesota for more than eight decades, and

WHEREAS many of our fellow members of synod have urged the Minnesota
South District to not sell the campus ministry in Minneapolis, or to
leave the decision on a sale to the district convention, and

WHEREAS University Lutheran Chapel of Minneapolis has also sought to
have the sale of the property decided by the district convention in a
clear and unambiguous vote on the merits of the proposed sale, and

WHEREAS numerous errors, difficulties, ambiguities and confusion have
been discovered in the District's governing documents most notably in
2006 and later, and

WHEREAS efforts to correct these errors in 2007 were not reported to
the 2009 convention in accordance with bylaw 4.2.17 and have led to
even greater confusion and ambiguity, be it

RESOLVED that the sale of the campus ministry in Minneapolis be
decided by the convention in a year of their choosing, and be it

RESOLVED that a committee be appointed with all urgency by the newly
elected District President to reexamine the condition and validity of
the District's governing documents and especially the Articles of
Incorporation, and be it further

RESOLVED that this committee bring its findings and proposed actions
regarding the governing documents and Articles of Incorporation to the
2016 convention of the Minnesota South District, and be it finally

RESOLVED that this committee present its findings with all urgency to
the newly elected District President and Directors and advise them on
the validity of the attempted sale of the campus ministry property in

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