Thursday, May 18, 2017

Telling The Truth Would Be Much Easier; Fabricating Excuses Must Be Exhausting

Well, Dear Readers, as some of you have mentioned, it is a curious spectacle to see someone go to so much effort to avoid telling the truth in order to avoid correcting their mistakes. In this case, given the length of time the fabrications have gone unretracted, I'm not sure how it differs from outright lying. So perhaps the most charitable assumption might be that avoidable mistakes became correctable errors, and then the correctable errors were justified by fabrications. And now, as of this writing (a year and a half later in February of 2018), it is becoming difficult to believe that the first mistake was not a malicious lie from the beginning.

But let's hope this is not the case, and let's redouble our efforts in getting the truth out and correcting the record. Below is the letter (one of several) sent by my former district president in May of 2017 after he fabricated yet another excuse for his effort to remove my name from the clergy roster in July of 2016. Like the earlier excuses, this one was also demonstrably false, made up eight months after the fact, and had the added curiosity of having never been mentioned before. [d3]

The Reverend Dr. Jamison J. Hardy, Bishop and President
The English District of the Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod
33100 Freedom Road
Farmington, Michigan 48336-4030

2017 May 17

Dear President Hardy, I think we need more clarity. Let's also start with greater simplicity. Again, I would like the record to reflect the reality, so I am asking you to send the following memo:

DATE: TO: ________________ Rev. Matthew Harrison, President
All District Presidents & Administrative Assistants
Rev. Dr. Jamison J. Hardy, President, English District, LCMS
SUBJECT: Gordon Bynum – Ordained Minister

Please disregard the previous memos and announcements regarding the roster status of Rev. Gordon Bynum. At no time was he removed from the ordained roster of the synod. The memos, announcements and any other actions indicating otherwise are retracted, along with any references or suggestions made in them by citing synodical bylaws, 2.13.4, (b) and “non-compliance”. Rev. Bynum accepted a call to a synodical RSO, the Saint Timothy Society, in July of 2016, and was transferred to the Minnesota South District in August of 2016. He was and remains eligible for consideration for a call. We regret having caused any misunderstanding or damage to his reputation this may have occasioned.

I ask that the following appear in the print edition of the Lutheran Reporter under the “Official Notices” section:

GORDON BYNUM was and remains eligible to receive a call. At no time was he removed from the ordained roster of The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod. The earlier notices and announcements of his removal (in July and August of 2016) are, regrettably, in error.

I ask that the same appear in the online version of the official notices (

I also ask that the notice found at be appended with the note “(THIS NOTICE IS IN ERROR AND HAS BEEN RETRACTED).”

I ask you to place the following in the relevant section of the 2018 English District Convention Workbook:

“The Rev. Gordon Bynum's status change from Candidate to Non-Candidate occurred on January 1, 2009, and not in 2008. We regret the error.”

When I mentioned the error in June of 2012, I was informed it was a trivial mistake, probably due to an administrative oversight, and it would not have any signifigance. It became signifigant when the erroroneous date became part of the attempt to remove me from the clergy roster. This needs to be corrected.

I ask that you include the following in the 2018 Engish District Convention Workbook under the category “TRANSFERS OUT - ORDAINED MINISTERS”:

The Rev. Gordon Bynum August 24, 2016 Minnesota South District
Chaplain, Saint Timothy Society, Recognized Service Organization

Please refer to the correspondence and documentation I have sent since August of 2016 if you need further verification. I would appreciate your immediate attention to this matter given the length of time the memos and notices have gone uncorrected, and the ongoing confusion this has generated.


Gordon Bynum

Rev. Dr. Dean Nadasdy, District President, The Minnesota South District LC – MS
Matthew Johnson, Circuit Counsellor, Northwest Metro, Minnesota South District
Directors, the Saint Timothy Society
Rev. Dr. John Sias, Synod Executive Secretary, LC - MS
Eugene Weeke, Director of Business Services, LC - MS


[d3] A .pdf version of this letter and attachments are at this url: